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Products * Polyvinyl Coated Ductwork


4 x 1 PCD or 4 x 4 PCD for Underground Duct Systems

USA manufactures PCD spiral pipe for underground use.  We have PCD spiral pipe from 6" to 18" diameter in 10 ft lengths in stock, ready to ship to your job site.  PCD spiral pipe 14" and greater is corrugated for strength.  Testing has been done up to 36" diameter for underground use.  Diameters over 36" may require additional reinforcements and engineering depending on the project.  Ask for a USA customer service representative and discuss your application, we have done jobs over 36" diameter.

PCD fitting seams include standing seam, riveted, tal-lok and maplewood.  Joint connections include standard slip, PCD Accuflanges and PCD painted angle rings.  Industry standards, based on the lowest price, for 6" to 16" diameter PCD elbows are short throat warm air style seam fittings, but if you want a stronger, more air tight elbow, ask for a PCD elbow made using a standing seam.  USA's new spiral fitting machine can manufacture 6" diameter and greater elbows with a standing seam.  Additional cost over the industry standard for small diameter elbows may apply.

If you need PCD ductwork let us know your application and we will likely have what you need.  Call 616-475-5905 in Grand Rapids or 734-261-0410 in Detroit and ask for customer service.  We ship nationally, so give us a chance to quote your next project.




4 x 4 PCD for Fume Exhaust Systems

USA manufactures PCD spiral pipe from 4" to 60" diameter for fume exhaust duct use.  We have PCD fume exhaust materials in stock and manufacture most jobs at time of order.  We stock a limited quantity of PCD fume exhaust pipe and fittings.  But fast turnaround is our niche, so call us and see what we can do.

PCD fitting seams include standing seam, riveted, tal-lok and maplewood.  Joint connections include standard slip, PCD Accuflanges and PCD painted angle rings.  Sealants used are special for fume exhaust, inquire with a customer service representative.

Standing seam elbows, due to their superior air tightness, are recommended for fume exhaust systems.  Ask your vendor what you are getting as some don't make smaller diameter standing seam elbows.



PCD Sheets

We offer PCD in 48" x 120" sheets with gauges from 26 to 18.  The material is 4 x 4.  Other sizes are available upon request.



Not only do we stock the PCD sheets but the materials needed to finish off the job.  We have PCD tape, sealer and paint to seal or touch-up the joints and seams.



By combining the strength of steel and the chemical inertness of plastic, PCD ductwork is both lightweight and corrosion and weather-resistant.  PCD will not rust, chip, crack, peel, corrode or produce odors.  Although light in weight, PCD ductwork is strong enough to walk on and will not collapse under concrete.

TEMPERATURES - Practical usage range is from -30° F to 200° F.

LIMITATIONS (See PVS lab test data available upon request)

PCD has been used with great success for many major exhaust systems.  However, it is up to the user to determine the suitability of PCD for any particular job.  Samples will be provided upon request.