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Products * Rectangular Ductwork

TDF, S & Drive Ductwork

USA builds TDF or S & drive duct using our coil line in standard 5 ft S/D or 56" TDF lengths.  Two piece snap lock duct, stacked on skid(s) where required, is offered.  Unless pittsburg seam assembled duct, sealed is required.  Our fittings are all pittsburg seam assembled.  Small orders are processed through our "Quick Duct" department as fast as you need them.  Larger orders are processed through our commercial duct ordering system.  Call 616-475-5905 in Grand Rapids or 734-261-0410 in Detroit and ask for customer service.

Our commercial duct ordering system offers the following, which helps to insure your project is built within your budget and on time:

  • All orders are processed through an experienced sheet metal fabricator who is trained to ask questions, to insure your duct or fittings are built the way you want them and/or to the job's specifications.  We are experienced with taking off blue prints and can aid you with managing your project.  Our computerized order entry system insures your order is built correctly, on time, and within you budget.
  • Our order entry forms, avaialble to you, reduce errors and save time in the duct ordering process.

Double Wall Duct & Fittings

USA builds double wall duct with TDF joint connections.  Ductmate frames or angle iron frames as required by the size or type of fitting.

Double wall duct and fittings are available with 1", 2", 3" or 4" thick insulation.  Standard insulation density is 1 lb per cubic ft with a thermal conductivity of .26 BTU in/hr Ft Deg F.  Double wall can be made with a perforated inner liner for accoustical and thermal benefits or a solid inner liner for primarily thermal benefits.  Standard insulation used for double wall round or oval is an unfaced 1 lb density.  For additional cost, mylar or equivalent wrap can be applied between the perforated metal and the insulation to prevent insulation fibers from entering the air stream.  For an additional cost, a "faced" insulation product can be used in lieu of the standard unfaced.

Black Iron Grease Duct

USA builds commercial black iron grease duct with 1/2" flange out joint connections for field welding.  Black iron duct and fitting assemblies are welded in our shop to minimize field welding.  Access doors can be installed on duct and fittings per your request.  Customer should specify which items are to be welded together as assemblies with duct order.

New Curbs and Adapters

USA builds new curbs fully assembled, fully welded, insulated, for flat or pitched roofs or standing seam roofs with roof caps.

USA builds curb adapters for roof top replacements.  USA is unique in this product in that curb adapters require an experienced sheet metal fabricator to get it right.  Next time you need a curb adapter, give us a call.