Welded Duct MIG & TIG

Our standard welded ductwork typically runs from 18ga to 10ga, but we can accommodate for custom pieces as thick as ¼” steel. In some cases, we utilize purge welding to produce clean, small, inside welds as an option. This especially comes up when we offer our 3 different finish levels of welded stainless steel. Level 1 is for the most highly exposed/visible ductwork and therefor the most expensive option with the other two options progressing down from there. Our sales staff can explain the details of these levels and help you choose what you need for your job.


Our commercial black iron (CRS) – grease duct is built with 1/2″ flange out joint connections for field welding. Black iron duct and fitting assemblies are welded in our shop to minimize field welding.  Access doors can be installed on duct and fittings per your request. Customers should specify, as clearly as possible, which items are to be welded together and the assembly order and orientation (eg. flat on top) if a fully assembled run is desired.

Our products include:

  • Long seam welded pipe
  • Industrial fume exhaust hoods
  • Floor sweeps
  • Blast gates
  • Dust collection related fittings

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